Tony Puca for Congress – Maryland’s 6th District

“Income inequality in this country is at a point where the upper 1% of Americans have as much net worth as the next 80%. The income of the upper 1% has grown 275% since 1979 while the income of the medium worker has only grown 6% in that time period. Not only are most Americans unable to afford homes but tens of millions of working Americans have had their homes foreclosed on in the last decade. Yet banks and Wall Street are making more money than ever. I could sit back and accept the status quo and watch as it gets worse or try to do something about it. I chose to do something about it and that is why I am running for Congress.” 

A resident of Maryland’s 6th District since 1970, Tony Puca has dedicated his life to improving the lives of all local residents. He believes in equal opportunity for all people, and in ensuring working families can live lives free from the worries of putting food on the table or unemployment. Tony takes no money from special interests and over the course of his 42 years in politics, has worked to eliminate barriers to success for women, minorities, disabled people, and the working poor.

Join Tony today to make Maryland’s 6th District a place of opportunity for everyone, not just the few.





6 thoughts on “Tony Puca for Congress – Maryland’s 6th District

  1. You need to post on the Event Calendar. What’s his schedule? I’d like to meet Tony Puca to see if I can help his campaign. If I see John Delaney on the general election ballot again in November, I may be forced to vote for his republican challenger! I want John Delaney GONE.


    1. March 8th Tuesday, 6-9:30 PM Silver pring Civic Center 1 Veterans Place, Islamic Council Meeting. Will be here to meet and shake hands
      March 9th Wednesday 6:30PM United Democrats of Washington County, Hagerstown Library, 100 South Potomac Street
      March 11th Friday 7:00 PM and March 12th Saturday 10AM Western Maryland Summit, Holiday Inn Frederick…this event requires a ticket
      March 19th Saturday 2-5 PM International Council Center 19650 Club Hose Road # 205 Montgomery Village MD
      March 26th Saturday 10AM-2PM Halfway MD Fire Department 11114 Lincoln Avenue, Hagerstown all Washington County Candidates will be there
      March 28th 6:30 PM Café 611, 611 N. Market Ave, Frederick, Frederick Woman’s Democratic League, I speak at 7 with Q and A following and then the D8 Candidates.
      April 12th 8AM Frederick IHOP, South Frederick Dem Club..I am the guest. Will try to list this and others today. Feel free to call me. Thanks, Tony


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