How John Delaney Made His Money

Voters in Maryland District 6 have a real choice. John Delaney has a lot of money. He has raised a lot of money for his campaigns and he has a lot of personal money. There is nothing wrong with making a lot of money, but there is something wrong with making money and hurting people in the process.  And there is something REALLY wrong with then turning around and asking those same people to vote you into office. 

John Delaney is not the right choice for Maryland workers. He has raised money from the very organizations he is supposed to be overseeing in Congress – banks, financial institutions, etc. And he earned his money by working the system and by causing financial pain to those who can least afford it. 

In 2006, Forbes Magazine wrote an eyeopening piece on how John Delaney got rich on the backs of normal working families and small business owners. 
Check out the article they entitled Loan Shark
Why should John Delaney have the privilege of representing people whom he made suffer? 
District 6 can do better. Vote for Tony Puca. He approved mortgages for families and didn’t get rich doing it. 

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