Who is Tony Puca?

Tony has been working for the people of Maryland’s 6th District for 38 years. He has lived and worked and raised his family here in the 6th District; he has invested in his life here, because he believes in the people and opportunities available here.

Tony is the proud father of 4 daughters, two of whom still live in the district, working and raising families. He owns a friendly old Rottweiler named Max.

Tony’s dedication to working people and their families spans over 40 years, both in his native New York, and in his adopted home here in Maryland’s 6th District. His record of public service includes a life long fight for economic justice for working families and for equality for women, minorities, and the disabled, in both politics and through his work with charitable organizations.


Tony’s proudest achievement is the establishment of athletic clinics for the Developmentally Disabled for Potomac Community Resources (PCR). PCR was picked as the top community service in the County its first year and continues to be one of the best. He is proud to have been chosen as the first recipient of the Patricia Sullivan Leadership Award.

Tony believes in helping others and his charitable work is a big part of his service to the community. He personally  funded the Rec Center in the section 8A Scotland Community in Potomac in 1994 when the county couldn’t provide the money in the budget over the previous 4 years. While on the County Recreation League in 1995, he organized Middle School basketball teams when the county decided to eliminate middle school sports for two years, so middle school girls could continue to play and represent Montgomery County.  He also provided furnishings at no cost to the new National Headquarters for Men Can Stop Rape in 2008 so their money could be used for their projects; and, working with HUD, donated the furniture for the United Methodist Church Wesley Housing Foundation. The money saved provided a year of housing for at least 20 families throughout the country.


Tony’s dedication to local politics is evident in his long record of political engagement. In Montgomery County, Tony has served as Precinct Vice-Chair and Chair 10-1, Area Coordinator for all three districts in District 15, President, Director, Chairman or Co-director of at least 20 clubs or organizations in the county.

He was elected to the MCDCC in 1994 and at, when at the first meeting was told the office had to close  for lack of money, he restarted the Democratic Forum on his own and raised $10,000 in two weeks. Over the next 2 years, his work with the Forum provided ½ of MCDCC’s revenue.

Elected to County Representative to State Democratic Leadership Committee


Nationally, Tony served as the Head of New York City Students for Johnson in 1964, and worked in support of Hubert Humphrey in the 1968 Primary. He served as Co-Chair of the 1968 Counter-Inaugural against Nixon where his primary responsibility was to ensure a large, but peaceful turnout in a time of violent political protest.

Tony worked for George McGovern, and in 1976, held the unofficial title of Ethnic Advisor to Jimmy Carter.

In 1984, Tony held a leadership position in the Mondale presidential campaign, establishing longtime relationships with Geraldine Ferraro, the first female candidate for Vice-President, and other key figures.

Tony was also active during the Clinton administration; he was responsible for closing both of Bill Clinton’s DC headquarters. He served as one of many co-captains of President Clinton’s 2nd inaugural parade and as one of the co-chairman of the Mid Atlantic States Clinton Presidential Ball.

In 1997, when racial profiling and other issues became such a concern in our county that the Justice Department was called in, the NAACP, National Hispanic Groups, and other groups representing minorities called for the establishment of Civilian Police Review Board; Tony was chosen as the first Chairman, and faced the challenge of language protecting police officers in his fight to protect citizens from abusive police action.


Professionally, Tony has worked to help American families own homes and protect their property and lives. He has been a mortgage loan officer since July, 2003, and worked in local banks, including Washington Mutual, American Home, CTX, SunTrust, Wachovia, Heritage Mortgage, First Washington Mortgage, The Mortgage Link and Meadowbrook Financial Bank.  He has done a many State and Government funded loans for first time home-buyers and is qualified to do reverse mortgages. He has funded over $700,000,000 in loans, with no complaints filed. He is licensed in the State of Maryland, NMLS #: 219175, and has passed the initial SAFE Test.

Tony is also a licensed life and health insurance agent. From 1995-2003 his main occupation was as an insurance agent,  starting with New York Life and then working for a large brokerage agency. He specialized in Large Group Health Insurance, Disability Insurance, Financial Benefits and Full Benefit Life Insurance. All his licenses are current and in 2013, he was one of the limited numbers of agents approved by the State of Maryland to market their ACA program.

From 2008-2012, Tony was the owner and president of Professional Business Services LLC, a major office furniture and systems dealer and liquidation specialist with a client list that included SAIC, NIH, FDIC, and many others.

From 1985-1986, he was the CEO of Vida Marina de Costa Rica, a seafood processing plant established and funded under President Reagan’s Caribbean Basin Initiative Program.

As the head of the American Alternative Energy Corporation in 1979, Tony secured over $900 million in capital funding from the Venezuelan Institute of Foreign Trade, DOE and FHLMA. Had President Reagan not ended alternative energy programs, Tony would have built and owned four of the largest ethanol plants in the country.

From 1972-1994, Tony was the owner and president of American Business Services Inc., one of the largest privately owned Office Furniture, Paper and Office Supply companies in the US with sales of $40 million a year.

Tony holds a BS in  Business Administration and Labor Relations from the University of Maryland College Park.