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February 7, 2016

“40 years ago a waitress could afford college. A school teacher could support a family of four comfortably on one income. A bank teller could own a home. None of that is possible today. People are worn down. They call it lazy and asking for handouts, when all we’re asking for is something worth working for, and a fair opportunity to succeed and live happy and fulfilling lives.” – Bernie Sanders.

With this thought in mind, I am pleased to announce my candidacy for Congress in Maryland’s 6th Congressional District’s Democratic Primary. I believe the people of the sixth district deserve a representative who lives in the district, who intends to serve the entire term, and who represents the interest and ideals of the district. I fit all those criteria. My goal as representative will be to better the lives of all people in our district, state, and country by increasing income, improving health care, rebuilding the American economy, and combating climate change through progressive policies based on real world solutions.

I am a lifelong democrat with a commitment to progressive ideals and values. My experience working for the Democratic Party began when I was 5 years old, and I was recruited to hand out campaign literature for a candidate running for the state assembly. Since then I have served as a Precinct Official, Area Coordinator, Member of the County and State Central Committees, on Democratic National Committee boards and worked for many candidates for local, state, national and presidential elections.

While I do not believe the election of any one man or woman can accomplish everything immediately, I do believe we need to elect people with good ideas to work together to effect real change. I also believe that if we do not succeed in effecting real change, my generation may be the first to leave an America to our children that isn’t as good as the one our parents left us. If elected, I intend to work with my colleagues on both sides of the aisle to accomplish the following:

Increased Income/Minimum Wage

If elected, I will work to enact legislation that mandates a $15 an hour minimum wage nationally, with some adjustments made for Cost of Living in various areas. This wage requirement will be applicable for all companies working on government contracts. I believe this will help restore our disappearing middle-class while moving people out of poverty and away from a lifelong dependence on government assistance, while providing millions of Americans with a feeling of pride and self worth.

Health Care

If elected, I’ll work for the passage of a single payer government paid universal health care that covers all Americans and push for greater government regulation of any Health Care Companies that have doubled rates in the last three years while lowering benefits and raising prescription costs.


If elected, I will work to enact legislation to eliminate almost every type of investment trade a bank can make, impose interest rate caps on credit cards and loans tied to the prime rate, and impose penalties on any bank that breaks these laws. I will work to enact legislation that would prohibit any government regulated industry to make donations to any candidates for federal office. I do not believe any bank is “too big to fail.”

Wall Street

If elected, I would request a special department in the US Attorney’s office that does nothing but monitor Wall Street. I will work to impose regulations on investment houses that will almost cover every dollar they trade. I believe that while we can’t break up Wall Street, we should enforce the laws we have and ensure the SEC files criminal charges in cases of fraud and holds people accountable.

Equal pay

I believe all people deserve equal pay for equal work – women, minorities, disabled, seniors, and other classes of workers. If elected, I will work to enact legislation that requires equal pay for equal work and includes severe fines for any employer found breaking the law. I will work to establish a dedicated branch at the EEOC that enforces this law and protects any worker taken advantage of or fired because they file a complaint from retribution.


I believe every American who qualifies should receive a free public college education. However, this goal is not within immediate reach. If elected, I will work to enact legislation that reduces all student loan rates to the Federal Discount rate and work to find a solution that allows all qualified Americans to attend a public college at no cost.

Climate Control/Global Warming

I believe global warming exists and the ruin it is causing to our country and our planet. As the world’s largest economy, the US is the biggest culprit in the world. If elected, I will support legislation that imposes penalties on companies who pollute our air, water, ground and that work to help us achieve a zero carbon footprint as soon as possible.

Alternative Energy

With considerable experience in this industry, I believe we need to begin a massive alternative energy program to end our reliance on fossil fuels and foreign energy sources. Investment in alternative energy sources such as wind turbines, solar energy, and other innovative technologies can not only help us achieve our goal of a zero carbon footprint, but can also create a whole new job sector, employing millions of Americans.

Infrastructure Repair

Our entire transportation infrastructure is falling apart. I believe we, working with a three way partnership between private industry, unions, and the government, can rebuild and repair our aging infrastructure and provide employment to millions of Americans who need and want to work. If elected, I would work to establish a program similar to the CCC and others that have existed throughout our history, and put our unemployed workers to work repairing and our country’s roads, bridges, ports, and building the new modern infrastructure we need.

Tax Reform

I understand that increasing the minimum wage to $15 an hour, establishing a free single payer universal health care program, and providing free college tuition to all public schools will require increasing taxes. If elected, I will work to reform the current tax system to more fairly tax high earners and capital gains in order to provide a better opportunity for all Americans.

I am honored and humbled at the expressions of support I have received as I have been making this decision. I look forward to serving the people of the 6th as your Representative. Please visit my website for more detailed information on my platform and like my official Facebook page to get information on events and other activities. I am looking forward to meeting many of you over the course of the next three months as we count down to Election Day.


Thank you,

Tony Puca